Posted by: draknor | June 16, 2012

Another Saturday Review

For those of you getting bored of my diet & exercise & productivity updates — don’t worry, my obsessive attention usually doesn’t land long in any one place, so it’s only a matter of time before I move on to obsess about something else.  But until then…

I’ll start with diet this time, since I’m sitting here on the couch slowly digesting a huge meal I just consumed (!).

This week I did not do as well in maintaining low calories (1200/day), low carbs (60 g/day), and high protein (200 g/day).  Monday & Tuesday were good on the calories & carbs, but Monday was a bit low on protein (160 g).  Wed-Fri were higher in carbs (115-150 g/day), and generally higher in fat as well, meaning higher total calories (2000+)

Perhaps not surprisingly, my weight did not drop as expected, hitting 189 on Thurs/Fri (which was my same low point a week ago).

A couple of observations I’ve made:

  • As noted previously, days with multiple meals out tend to be higher in fat & carbs & lower in protein
  • Also, days where I did not begin with my typical breakfast (Wed & Fri) tend to be higher calorie days as well (and I make poorer food choices when I’m eating out as well)

While my weight hasn’t dropped as expected, remember the ultimate goal is fat loss — not simply weight loss.  So there are a couple of different possibilities for why I’m not seeing the changes I hope/expect on the scale:

  • Heavy weight-lifting may be causing muscle growth that is offsetting fat loss (on the scale) — this would be a good thing, though difficult to detect on a daily basis
  • Metabolism may be slower than assumed, resulting in a smaller real calorie deficit (and hence less fat loss) — this would be a not-so-good thing
  • Too much evening caffeine (and late nights in general) may be interfering with my body’s natural growth & recovery during sleep, affecting one or both possibilities above (among others I’m not aware of) — this is probable, and a bad thing
Another observation — the boredom factor is starting to set in!  Even though this was technically my 3rd week into the diet (and I still haven’t yet had a full week where I actually met all my nutrition/calorie goals), I’m finding myself getting curious about other dietary strategies (particularly intermittent fasting).  I keep reminding myself that it takes the body at least 2-3 weeks to adapt to a diet, and so I need to be patient and keep at it for the full 6 weeks that I committed to at the beginning.

I was going to review how my weekly structure went, but I’m going to skip that for now.  I had a late night of photography last night (see comment above about evening caffeine & late nights!), and have been just exhausted today.  I gorged myself for lunch for my first (and only?) meal of the day, surprising the wait staff at the diner by ordering an extra 1/3# patty on my bacon & cream cheese burger, and having a generous slice of Reese’s Cheesecake for dessert.  And then I spent all afternoon laying on the couch, alternating between writing & sleeping.

And that’s why I don’t structure my weekends 🙂