Posted by: draknor | June 6, 2012

Diet & Exercise – Back on Track!

At the company I used to work for, we sometimes had “Back On Track” efforts when major projects got delayed or fell behind due to other priorities / distractions.  That pretty much describes my week — getting back on track with diet & exercise.

What does that mean?

While my daily calories (1700-1800 avg )are still well above goal (1200) , my carbs have been in the 60 g goal range (except for Tuesday, where I made an exception for board game night & had some cherry pie & a rice krispy bar!).  Protein is close to goal —  170+ g.  So the caloric excess is from fat – not a big surprise.  I typically have a tbsp of olive oil with my lunch salad, and even lean beef has a decent amount of fat.

Eating at home definitely makes it easier to control carbs & fat, however!  Lunches for Thurs/Fri will be dining out, so my challenge there will be to make smart decisions (and avoid temptations!).

On the exercise front, I got back into the gym Monday.  I’m not really sure what kind of workout plan I want to follow — whether to keep with the Stronglifts 5×5 or change it up.  So I came up with this idea – when I don’t know what to do or I haven’t figured out a workout plan, I’m going to use a “default workout” of 5×5 squats @ 225 lbs, 5×5 benchpress @ 135 lbs, and 1×5 deadlift at 225 lbs (+ warm-up sets, of course)  These are weights that are a good workout for me, but not pushing my limits so I should be able to do them no matter what kind of condition I’m in.

Having said that, of course I changed it up on my first time 🙂  Instead of doing 5×5, I decided to do 4×8 instead.  For squats at 225 lbs, 4 sets of 8 reps was a lot more difficult than I expected!  Bench press went okay, but by that point I was so exhausted and drained that I didn’t even attempt deadlifts.  (And I didn’t stretch either, an omission I sorely regretted today!)

Today I almost didn’t make it to the gym — I had a late night & early morning, so I caught a nap this afternoon; I knew without that I wouldn’t have a chance of getting a decent workout.  By the time evening rolled around & I woke up, I was struggling to decide whether to go.  Really sore legs didn’t help the cause.  But ultimately I knew that I wouldn’t have time tomorrow, and getting back into the routine is always the hardest part — there’s just no avoiding it.  So I gathered up the willpower and dragged myself in.  I’m glad I did — it was a difficult workout, very draining.  But I feel better physically, and it definitely feels good to know I’m getting back into a workout routine.

Weight has been stable at 192.4 lbs. I suspect my above-goal calories are to blame for the stall, but now that I’m adding in the weight training perhaps that will help jump start my metabolism and caloric needs.

The other item that I wanted to comment briefly on is the “weekly structure” I put together (see my previous post for more details). As expected, my template has not dictated my schedule, but having that context has definitely helped me to plan my days better, and given me that little extra push when I had unscheduled time during the day.  Yesterday is a great example — I processed photos from a shoot and prepared a presentation during the afternoon, which is traditionally not my most productive time.  But knowing that I had a board game night scheduled for the evening meant I was trading “work hours” for “personal hours”, and gave me that justification / motivation to finish those two projects.  It’s not rocket science, but it’s definitely psychological!

I’ll post more details & a first week debrief  sometime over the weekend, for those that are curious!