Posted by: draknor | April 12, 2012

Life is Better When You Are Busy

Right on the heels of my [almost] 100 hour work week, these past two weeks have also been very busy, although in a lot more sustainable fashion.  I guess my diet hasn’t improved that much, but I’m generally sleeping enough and back on my weight-lifting routine.  In fact, I squatted 235 lbs yesterday! Rowr!

(yes, I really just rowr’d. It’s my blog, I can do that — get over it!)

But what’s been really awesome these past two weeks is really meeting & connecting with so many people, one on one.  I’ve mentioned before that I joined this networking group called BNI.  We meet weekly as a group to get to know each other, pass referrals back & forth, etc.  But almost even more valuable than that is scheduling one-on-one’s with individual members.  You meet for lunch, coffee, or whatever and just sit & chat & get to know each other.

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve met with 7 people from my group, one-on-one.  And an 8th scheduled for this evening. Another one tomorrow.  And two more people that I’ve met for lunch/coffee for similar networking, who aren’t in my BNI group.  And it’s been awesome!

And do you know what I’ve learned from meeting with [soon-to-be] 11 new people over the last 2 weeks? That I’m valuable.  That I have things to offer other people – skills, services, knowledge, experience.  And when I listen to other people – I hear about who they are, what they love, what they need help with, where they’ve been.  I try to connect to them, and sometimes I hear about a situation that i might be able to help with.  Maybe I know something, or someone.  Maybe I can do something.  I love helping people — its part of human nature, really.

But here’s the trick — we’re all so busy, that these little moments of connection are easy to lose.  So I make it a point to follow-up these one-on-one’s with an email follow-up, with some of the things we talked about and my follow-ups with people or resources.  It’s a little thing, but I believe it makes a big difference in keeping that  connection alive.

I was a bit depressed last week — I was scheduling all of these lunches & coffees, and not really any paying work.  I felt super-busy, but was worried I wasn’t  going to have anything to show for it.  Now, a week later — I feel great.  Partially because I have been doing some paid work in this past week, but mostly because I’m connecting to all of these people.  And connections don’t usually pay off right away — they may never pay off, actually.  But you never know where they may lead.

Last week I was a photographer looking for new assignments.  Now, I’m still a photographer looking for new work, but I’ve got at least 2-3 other avenues I’m exploring with people — helping an independent author self-publish, helping others think about life outside the 9-5.  Everyone I’ve talked to has been very impressed by my story (see my first post here), and some a bit envious.  And if I can help them, even just a little bit, find more happiness in their lives — that’s what I want to do.

And it’s great work to be doing!