Posted by: draknor | March 20, 2012

A Moment to Reflect

Let’s face it — this blog is really just me rambling about my life & my random thoughts.  And that’s okay.  Like I mentioned last post, I’ve accumulated a huge amount of material & resources on productivity, time management, product creation, internet marketing, photography skills, business skills — you name it.  And I’ve barely looked through a fraction of that. And actually acted on even less!

I still haven’t taken a “retreat”, like I want to, but I have started processing some of this material.  And there are definite patterns & common elements across the material.  But the three things that are standing out to me right now:

  • Do work you are passionate about & love — because you do better work when you actually give a shit
  • Be immensely useful to people — be helpful, deliver value, and the opportunities will come
  • Surround yourself with amazing people

I am going through this process right now of absorbing material from Scott Dinsmore’s Live Off Your Passion course and Corbett Barr’s How To Start A Blog That Matters (affiliate link).  Great stuff — great content, very actionable, and great structure!

Of course, the stuff I find myself struggling with is the “real work” — doing the actions of thinking, brainstorming, and coming up with ideas & goals.  Then taking actions to actually progress toward those goals.  I can come up with a long list of excuses for why I haven’t (in fact, I just wrote a whole paragraph about it — which I promptly deleted).  The bottom line is that I’m running into the same mental or psychological block I had back in my corporate life: I have to give myself permission to do the “big stuff”.  For some reason, that’s really hard to do.  It shouldn’t be — after all, I have a very flexible schedule right now and very few things that “have” to get done on any given day.  Most people living a corporate life (including me, a year ago) would KILL to have a schedule like this!  But I still haven’t broken out of this mindset, over nine months later.  Looks like I still have plenty of mental re-programming to do!

But it’s been a good day today.  I just had coffee with a friend to discuss some business / project ideas.  We had a similar conversation right about this time last year. I was getting ready to leave my job and brainstorming income-generating ideas.  She’s over-engaged in a gazillion things and not making a lot of money at any of them.  A year later, and some of that picture is still the same. I’m still brainstorming income-generating ideas, and she’s still looking for ways to monetize some of her pursuits.  Only this time, she’s got a specific direction / idea, and I’ve got a much better understanding of how online entrepreneurs work.  I’m really looking forward to working with her and seeing what we can accomplish!

I’m starting to realize what’s important to me — I love helping & teaching people.  And I love impressing the hell out of people.  Massively over-delivering & providing immense value.  At the core of my motivation — it makes me feel good!  It obviously helps my reputation, helps my “brand”, improves my credibility & trust with people — all good benefits.  But ultimately, I like doing it because it makes me feel good to know that I can BLOW AWAY people’s expectations.  I want to see people’s jaws drop after working with me.

Seems like that might be useful to keep in mind…