Posted by: draknor | March 9, 2012

And…. Breathe!

I’ve learned a lot of lessons this week.

No, that’s not right. I’ve had a lot of opportunities to learn this week. I won’t know if I’ve really learned until I do things differently next time.  

I’m not going to really get into any of those lessons right now.  I need to spend some more time reflecting & processing all that has happened, but I’m sure there’s at least a couple of future blog posts that will come from these past 72 hours.  Let me give you a taste of my past 3 days:

  • 72 hours ago I was exploring blog-writing & online entrepreneurship with a friend
  • 67 hours ago we brought our sick cat home from the vet for his last day(s)
  • 50 hours ago I was socializing & networking, in my “business brain”
  • 42 hours ago we put our cat to sleep with an in-home pet euthanasia

  • 41 hours ago we left our cat at a pet crematorium
  • 36 hours ago I was frantically working on preparing all my materials for the real estate conference I would be exhibiting at
  • 30 hours ago I crashed on the couch, for a few hours of sleep before my “big day”
  • 26 hours ago I awoke and panicked — I was 45 min behind schedule, had no idea how much time I needed to setup my booth, nor exactly how to set it up (since I never practiced that at home)
  • 16 hours ago I was relaxing with a few friends after a great conference. I had sore feet, a cold beer, and a fishbowl full of business cards.
  • 12 hours ago my girlfriend & I had a nice Mexican dinner — my first real meal in days. Only needed one margarita 🙂
  • 11 hours ago I passed out on the couch, exhausted (waking briefly to migrate to bed).


It’s definitely going to take me time to process all of this.  I’ve got pages of notes & dozens of business cards from the conference.  I’ve got shadows of the cat walking around the corners of my eyes, and cat-based routines that I still follow, until I catch myself.  The apartment is a mess, my home office a disaster zone.  And I’ve got family coming down tonight to visit for the weekend.

And I really need a shower.

I think I’ll start with that.