Posted by: draknor | February 21, 2012

The Path Laid Bare

Writing… I love it! Or rather, I tell myself that I love it.  It’s true, I guess — but what’s surprising is how hard it actually is to sit down & do.  I attended a great Meet-Up last night where the presenter talked about his process of writing a book.  One of the keys — the most important thing, he said — was to write every day.  EVERY DAY.

That’s a lot of writing (!)

But I believe it — he’s not the first person who’s said that.  And I’m sure he won’t be the last that I’ll hear that nugget of wisdom from.  I’ve got so many ideas, so many tasks… so much I want to say!  But unless I take the time to actually sit-down & write, it’s not going to happen and all of those words are just going to keep swimming around in my brain.

Does this happen to you?  I’ll be in the shower at the gym, or driving somewhere, and I’ll be thinking of words I want to write — maybe a blog post idea, maybe a topic I want to give a presentation on or a chapter from one of my ebook ideas.  And of course I’m not in a position where I can actually stop to write, so those words just keep swirling.  By the time I’m back at a pen & paper or keyboard, the brain waves have moved on and I’m left hoping I’ll remember those words when, y’know, I get around to writing.

Interestingly enough, this is a completely different direction than I was planning to write about today.  I had planned to write about what I’ve been busy with this past week — setting up my online photo gallery, getting my task list organized with Remember the Milk (GTD-style), and finally taking the time to get some nuts-and-bolts stuff done for my photography business (setting up  my expenses spreadsheet, talking to my insurance agent, etc).

But after the MeetUp last night, I had this realization that I need to be writing.  I’ve got a million other things to do as well (who doesn’t?), and maybe some day I’ll get that laundry folded & my home office organized (again!), but for now I’ve just got to create. I’ve got photographs to capture, photographs to post, and content to write!  This is the stuff I want to do — so why do I keep distracting myself from it??

Not today!