Posted by: draknor | February 16, 2012

Chugging Along

Quick update for everyone — things are moving right along again! Sometimes a little break & a bit of reset are just what I need.  So let me take a few minutes to reflect back on what I’ve been working on these last 3 days — not to brag (ok, well maybe a little!), but hopefully more to inspire you about what’s possible when you make conscious decisions about what you want to do.

Without further ado:

  • Restarted my Mon/Wed/Fri 7 Weeks to Ripped workout plan — and added in the 20 min cardio component that I’d been leaving out previously
  • Back on the morning protein shakes, first thing when I wake up.  (The rest of my diet is still inconsistent, however).
  • Fixed some layout issues on my photography website and started rewriting some of the website copy.
  • Made a one-page version of my “Top 10 Rules to Improve Your Real Estate Photography” draft
    • Started first draft of a presentation for the Top 10 Rules
    • Reached out to some friends to schedule a “practice presentation” so I can get feedback when I think I’m ready to present
  • Chatted with a couple of professional photographers about their experiences & history
    • This is actually really fun for me — people love talking about their lives & their passions!
  • Started watching a video seminar I had purchased on the business of photography
    • Decided watching this with a small group would be more beneficial, so I started reaching out to local photographers to see who’d be interested in joining me.
  • Playing phone tag with my insurance agent to make sure I’ve got the right insurance for my photography business.
  • Attended another BNI chapter meeting — I’m ready to fill out the application and join! Big commitment, but I think it’ll be very valuable.
  • Did some brainstorming and research on how to price my services — still in progress, but have some great ideas now
  • Attended a photographer business public coaching call hosted by Nigel Merrick (
  • Got a quote for printing my glossy, trifold marketing brochures for the upcoming real estate agent seminar.
  • Spent quality fun time with friends movin’ and groovin’ to Dance Dance Revolution music!

Looks like a fair amount that I’ve gotten accomplished, isn’t it?  And to be honest, most of these are pretty minor things — a few minutes here or there, maybe an hour or two.  But the point is, I’m doing them — checking things off my list.  And that’s a great feeling!  Step by step, working towards my goals of becoming & maintaining a healthy, happy, fulfilling life.

That’s what it’s all about!