Posted by: draknor | January 24, 2012

Taking Control

Just a quick update to this morning’s post, to show that I can turn stuff around:

  • Had a delicious breakfast of eggs, sausage, toast & coffee
  • Took my multivitamin + calcium/magnesium/Vitamin D supplement
  • Picked up refill of my thyroid medication
  • Picked up a new whey protein since my usual brand has been out of stock
  • Have been sitting at the library for the last 4 hours consuming information

And there’s plenty left I’m going to do!

After I finished this morning’s blog post, I decided I’d spend a little time organizing my “info products” folder. You see, for the last several months every time I signed up for one of those “get this FREE report – just give me your email address”, I’d take that & dump it into this folder, with the idea that I’d read when I got a round tuit.

Well, this morning at 5:30am seemed like a good time to start looking through that stuff & at least organizing it by topic or source.  I filed things under “Internet Marketing”, “Health/Diet”, “Photography”, etc.  I was keeping the PDFs and MP3s and deleting the ZIP files; well, in the process of doing that I accidentally hit Delete when I had my entire Internet Marketing folder selected, instead of just the ZIP file that I meant to delete! I stopped it before I got everything, because this was a network folder (on my NAS), nothing went to the recycle bin!  Yikes!

This turned out to be somewhat of a blessing, because (after quiet cursing) it forced me to go back through my email folders/labels and find all of the stuff I had signed up for.  Tedious, yes, but it also prompted me to clear out a bunch of crap I had signed up for that I wasn’t actually reading, and had no real plans to.  I cleared out my email folders/labels, unsubscribed from high-volume lists, and reorganized my rules to better route incoming mail.  Now instead of thousands of unread emails in my Blogs / Marketing labels (yes, you read that right, THOUSANDS!), it’s under a dozen.

(Now, let me be clear – I didn’t READ all of those! Some were reorganized, some were unsubscribed & removed, and the rest I just marked read so I could restart with a blank slate.  If I see certain emails piling up unread now, I’ll know those aren’t a priority for me to read and I can unsubscribe from that list).

The take-away here is that an accidental use of the delete key (and me not being able to sleep well) have led me to getting much more streamlined and organized, and able to actually spend hours this afternoon consuming some of this material today!  I’ve been reading about great blog design, internet marketing tips, making a living through blogging, and reading how others have liberated themselves from their day jobs.

It’s been a very educational afternoon! But now my laptop battery is almost dead and I’m ready to go recharge my physical batteries with a great workout, and more food, before my business class tonight.

It’s a good day.