Posted by: draknor | January 24, 2012

Rough Starts

It’s 4:30am.  I’ve been tossing & turning all night, and waking up my girlfriend in the process.  I decided to get up so she could get a few hours’ sleep before getting up for work.

I had my first martial arts class last night. No one came.  I was disappointed, but not really shocked, I guess.  I still went through the training myself, for the experience.

I planned to start a new workout program yesterday — 7 Weeks to Getting Ripped.  I wasn’t organized enough to get to the gym & make it happen.

Most of my meals yesterday consisted of chocolate cookies.

Rough start, eh?

Alright, enough self-griping.  Just had to vent a bit there.

And to be honest, yesterday wasn’t totally worthless. I took new fitness measurements & pictures (update coming soon).  I made a short video explaining why I should win a free membership to Jonathan Mead’s upcoming course Trailblazer.  I mapped out, at a high-level, what I’ll teach in my Doshinkan class over the next six weeks.  And I listened to Ramit Sethi’s real-time webcast on master-level interviewing.

The reality is that, yeah, my week has gotten off to a rough start, but its up to ME to do something about it.  So I’m going to make sure that today counts.  Experience has shown that diet & exercise have a major effect upon my mood, so today I’m going to hit the gym for a workout, and then get right back on schedule by working out again tomorrow.  Since I’ll be doing two days in a row, I’ll keep today a bit lighter.

After the workout, I’m going to sit down & have a real meal.  My diet has been terrible for more than a couple of days — eating junk food like cookies, and not getting many good, healthy proteins & veggies in.  And it shows — I did fitness pictures & measurements yesterday, and my waist is a bit larger than my last assessment. I’ll do another fitness update post here later this week, but the preview version is — not much has changed.

I’ve got some big errands to run today to get myself back on track, too. I ran out of whey protein last week so I’ve been off my normal morning protein shake.  Gotta pick some of that up & support my local supplement shop — Apple Wellness.  Also ran out of my thyroid med so I need to refill my prescription for that today.

Tonight I’ve got my first small business fundamentals class, so I’ll start getting some critical direction & guidance in this self-employment journey.  I’m also going to start getting organized about all of the information I’ve collected over the past 8 months — ebooks, videos, podcasts — and figure out how to start consuming that in a useful & timely fashion.  I’ll be reporting my progress here, as well as what’s working & what’s not, so stay tuned!