Posted by: draknor | January 21, 2012

A Deeper Reflection

I did it — I finally got my home office [somewhat] organized and reams upon reams of paper removed!  I’ll have to come back & add pictures later, but yesterday I recycled seven paper bags’ worth of shredded paper! (and two bags’ worth of non-shredded papers).  I completely emptied out my filing cabinet & two plastic bins of files; I have half a drawer of files now.  Most of the papers I just shredded (like my thrift stores receipts from 2006 — I’m not even joking!).  But some of the more sentimental stuff I threw in a big binder; stuff I want to keep like letters to & from friends.  It was an interesting process, going back through all that stuff.  And it inspired some deeper reflection.

The first thing I realized was — wow, I was a prolific writer!  Journals, letters, reports, stories — you name it.  I have to assume I delivered some of the letters I wrote to my friends, but you’d never guess from the volume of pages I still had, undelivered!  Creative, introspective, reflective, philosophical, dramatic — I covered it all.  I loved writing.  Check that, I love writing.  So as I’m exploring these new directions my life is going, I need to remember that & respect that.  That’s a big part of the reason that I started this blog almost seven months ago — to get that diary-style reflection and introspection on what I’m doing, and why, and how.  On an unfortunate note (perhaps), I’ve pretty much completely stopped journaling in my private journal. My last journal entry was October 8th.  I’ll probably pick that up again at some point; there’s something very freeing for me about writing long-hand and just rambling.  Believe it or not, I do attempt to have some sort of theme in these journal posts 😉

So that’s a big part of why I decided to purchase this exciting new online course from Corbett Barr – How To Start A Blog That Matters.  I know that writing is very important to me, and I have a lot of ideas and goals that can be enhanced by taking a medium, like this blog, and really amping it up, reaching the right audience(s), and connecting with amazing people.  One of the other big reminders I had in looking back through my papers & files was just how much my friends appreciated me.  Being there for them, generosity with my time & my talent, my endless energy — these are things that make me awesome.  And I haven’t forgotten them, but it’s definitely not something that’s been on the forefront of my mind in recent years.  It’s time to change that — to acknowledge that I feel the most awesome about myself when I’m doing good things for others. I’m a giver, not a taker — and there’s room in my life to be generous and still make a comfortable living.  And I’m going to find out how.

A lot of things are moving now — getting my office [mostly] organized has freed up a lot of physical & psychological space.  Next week I start teaching my Doshinkan class.  I signed up to exhibit at a local real estate seminar in March.  I’m starting to think about more aggressively marketing my photography.  I need to put together an actual plan, and some goals, and some metrics. And figure out realistic pricing.  Luckily I also start a Small Business Fundamentals course offered through the UW Small Business Development office, so hopefully I’ll get some great guidance in these areas.  I have enough experience to know that once I get started in the right direction, I’ll be unstoppable.  And there’s no time like the present to get started.

It’s going to be an awesome ride!