Posted by: draknor | January 19, 2012


There’s this crazy feeling I get sometimes… I remember having it a lot not long after I had started my corporate IT job, where all these tasks and responsibilities were like balls I was juggling.  And when I was really in the zone, I could keep them all up in the air, and it just felt amazing, like I was unstoppable!  But it was a very fine balance, because I was only half a beat away from missing one or having them all come crashing down.

I kind of feel like that again.

Next week I start teaching my Karatedo Doshinkan class. It’s Mondays & Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30pm.  I’m really excited for it, but a little scared since I need to spend some time figuring out exactly what I’m going to cover in each class for the next 6 weeks — and I also have no idea if I’ll have any students! I’ve got a couple of people that have expressed some interest, and I’ve hung some flyers out at coffee shops & grocery stores.  I created a Facebook page & setup an ad.  But the truth is, when it comes to marketing I barely have the foggiest idea for what I’m doing.  So I’ve got a lot of learning here to do.

And the same holds true for my other business venture, David Phoenix Photography.  I’ve got a basic website up, I’ve done some work with one agent, but now I need to get other agents on-board.  Which again, means marketing.  I’m sensing a trend here 😉

I’m not at the stage yet where I need marketing for the stuff I’m writing — although, maybe that’s not even true, because Seth Godin recently blogged that the best time to start marketing your book is three years before it’s out. So I guess I’m behind on that, as well?

And my home office is still a mess.  Slightly less messy than it was last week, but still not the clean, simple, creative space that I crave.  So maybe that’ll be my primary project today.  Experience has taught me that when I have a messy work space, its like a psychological tax on my brain.  But when that space is clean, clear, & organized — then I’m ready to conquer anything!  (It never stays that way for long, but it has a pretty long tail of momentum to keep me going even once the clutter sets back in).

And somehow, I know it’ll all work out.  Not exactly sure how, but it always does.  Trust the process, even when you don’t understand it!