Posted by: draknor | November 2, 2011

Fear and Perseverance

Wow — its hard to live life and remember to write about it & reflect on it at the same time!  It looks like I need to make writing blog posts part of a daily or weekly routine in order to get it to happen.  Guess I’m not perfect… yet!

I feel good today… but there’s fear, too.  When last I wrote, I was feeling fear because I was just kicking off two initiatives: real estate photography & pitching a martial arts class.  Fast forward two weeks, and here’s where I’m at:

Awesome, right? Yes it is!  But here’s where the fear kicks in… now what?  I’ve got a great start, but the hard work isn’t over yet.  In fact, its just started.  I’ve gotten the ball rolling, which is maybe the hardest part — but now I have to keep it moving.
For the photography, I’ve gotten some great photos, great experience, and now great feedback from the one agent I’ve worked with. But now I need to take those and create the package to market myself — and then start marketing. Reaching out to other real estate agents, referrals, cold-calling, etc.  I’ve got inroads in a couple of real estate offices, but no package to deliver there. Yet.
For the Doshinkan class, everyone was very excited about it — they felt it would be a great fit at melt.  But now we need to find the right people to get a class started.  The owners & trainers at the gym will talk to their prospects to generate some interest, and I’ll start doing my own marketing (facebook, flyers in coffee shops, etc).
Tangible progress in both directions, and clear next steps as well. But here’s where the fear comes in… neither of these look like they are going to ramp up enough to pay living expenses before my savings runs out.  Especially since I’ve not been particularly budget-conscious, either.  Photography has the most promise, but we’re entering a pretty dead time for real estate in general (winter holidays), so I need to be realistic.  That brings me to a decision point:
  • Try to ramp up photography business (despite the season) to cover living expenses
  • Really start cutting back on expenses (probably need to do this irregardless)
  • Sell some of my stuff (good idea, but not sustainable)
  • Look for other freelance work (saw a Craigslist ad for voice-overs)
  • Find a part-time job
No one particular thing is going to get me through the next 3-6 months, but what is going to get me the biggest bang for my buck?  Or, really, the biggest bucks for my time?  In about 8 months I’ll be eligible to do healthcare IT consulting (not earlier, due to previous employer’s non-compete agreement), so if I’m really stuck that would be a lucrative direction to go, but its not really something I want to do, and that still leaves me with the next 8 months to deal with.
No one ever said this would be easy — and in fact, staying at my job would have been the “easy road” (relatively speaking).  But this is where the growth comes from — facing fears & overcoming challenges.  I’ve started down this road, I’ve made good progress & I just need to keep going. That same thinking is what got me through my fifth (!) marathon this past Halloween weekend.  One step in front of the other, just keep plugging away and eventually the end will appear.
And you know what? Marathons, while still very difficult & painful, seem like they may be getting a little bit easier.  The more you do something, the easier it gets.  Just gotta stick with it during those difficult times!