Posted by: draknor | September 19, 2011

On the Purpose of Things

I’ve been on the road recently, taking some time to visit family.  I enjoy road trips — I love being out on the highway, just cruising along.  I  let my mind wander across various ideas, down different paths of thinking, and often make interesting connections or reveal useful insights.  One of the things I’ve been pondering recently is — what is the purpose of this blog?

I follow many different blogs — my blogroll is ever evolving — and what I realized about each of the blogs I follow is that every one has a core theme, a core purpose.  Those are blogs I gravitate to, because I know what I’m getting and I’ve decided that’s an area of my life that I want more information or context.  But then I looked at my blog and realized, I wouldn’t follow my blog.  It is too scattered, too random.  There is not enough focus.

So I started thinking about what I should focus on, and of course everything thing I could think of, I already knew of a blog out there that I liked that covered that area (such as personal finance, life-hacking & productivity, lifestyle design, weight-lifting, etc).  While that doesn’t mean I couldn’t cover some of the same ground, I don’t want to be just another me-too blog.

So what can I do differently?

And then I remembered the name of the blog that I picked — “A Day in the Life of Dave”.  And it took on a new meaning for me — this blog is not just a place where I would get on my soap-box every once in awhile and rant about something, but instead it will be a place where I can share the lessons of life that I’m learning, by writing about my day.  I’ve been kind of inspired by the daily posts of No More Harvard Debt — this guy isn’t writing about hypotheticals or theoreticals, he’s writing about the stuff he’s really doing, when he’s doing it.  Articles & blogs about grand ideas and philosophy are fun, but what really stirs me are the personal tales of people who actually get out there and do something, and then tell me about it.  That’s the kind of blog I want to have. That’s the kind of writer I want to be.

As I started thinking about how this might look, I realized this morning that every day of my life is filled with experiences that are about me choosing who & what I want to be, or  learning the results (perhaps consequences) of such choices as I’ve made in the past.  So my next post will be about exactly my experience this morning on commitments.

I hope that this new approach will make this blog interesting to read, but more importantly, give me more focus on what to write about & more consciousness about the way I life my life & the choices I make.  Should be a fun ride!