Posted by: draknor | July 26, 2011

On Discovery Time

I just had a wonderful 3-day weekend with my girlfriend & partner in lovely Door County, Wisconsin — biking, hiking, sleeping in, and most importantly — eating!  It was so great to get away from “life” for awhile.  And what was interesting about that feeling for me was I was still looking forward to it, and I still thoroughly enjoyed it, despite not having a job to go back to!  A change of scenery, a change of environment — a change from your regular, daily routine is very therapeutic, even if your routine isn’t especially grinding!

The end of my first month of “discovery time” is quickly approaching, and I feel like I’ve just barely scratched the surface!  My “to-do” list is just as long as it was when I started, but that’s not a bad thing… Rome wasn’t built in a day — and reflection, recharging, and redefining what my life is about won’t happen in a day, or even a month.  But you have to start somewhere.  Little things, like building new habits about things as mundane as household chores, will help set the stage for bigger transformations later.  There’s so much information out there on productivity, creativity, freelancing, building yourself up — when I’m ready, it’ll be there.  And I plan to write about it here!  But for now, I want to discover my “natural state” — what do I do when I need to recharge, when I have energy to burn, when I have a desire to fulfill?  What are my natural instincts when I’m not bound to the clock & the calendar?

Make no mistake — this is vital for me, but not easy.  I’ve already started having dreams about still working and having deadlines & projects again.  And my credit card bill this month will put any “working month” bill that I’ve had to shame!  But its all a part of the transition — necessary and critical.  Figure out where you are starting from, and then you can decide what direction to go.

Discover yourself first.