Posted by: draknor | July 22, 2011

A Light Week

Some weeks are just like that — it feels tortuously slow going through it, but at the end of the week you look back and say “it must have gone fast – I didn’t *do* anything this week!”.  That pretty much describes this week for me — it was hot, I had trouble sleeping and ended up having a couple of late (3-4am) nights, which lead to short days (when you sleep in until 11am or noon!), which lead to not really doing much of anything!

Emotionally, I’m still up & down — some combination of the hypothryoidism, my medication, my diet, my exercise, and my sleep are just really throwing me for a loop.  The technical side of me would love to just experiment with each variable independently, holding the rest constant, to see what happens — but real life just doesn’t work that way.  Not the least of which because all of these variables interact in complex ways and are variable over time.  Which reminds me how much of a pain my EE circuits course was when we did AC analysis and were calculating circuits at points in time.  At least we had equations we could use, but steady state (DC) was so much easier!

One thing I’m learning — well, realizing, maybe not quite actually learning yet — is that its really important to know the things that “recharge” you. The things you do that you enjoy, make you feel good, and just improve your energy overall.  Sad as it may seem, sometimes I forget what things do that.  Or at least, things I can do alone; its easy for me to feel good hanging out with my close friends, but that’s not usually an option at 2am on a weeknight.  I’m re-reading a book — The Power of Full Engagement — and that’s one of the key points. You need to manage your energy, not your time. And that “management” should include periods of challenge & stress, and periods of recharge & recovery.  I’m pretty good about challenging myself, but its the R&R part I need to work on.

Speaking of which, a three-day weekend away with my partner to Door County, Wisconsin may be just what I need!  A change of scenery, a change of pace, no distractions.  Sounds glorious — see you on the flip side 🙂