Posted by: draknor | July 13, 2011

A Good Day

Today is the kind of day I imagined having when I was making the decision to leave my job.  I awoke leisurely, biked around and did some photography for fun.  Then I caught up with a friend for a long lunch, and now I’m back home briefly to finish up some laundry, before packing a picnic dinner and meeting my partner downtown for Concerts on the Square.  The weather is perfect – sunny with a nice breeze and perfect temperature.

This is what I’ve wanted!

I know that days like this will come & go — but when we have them, its worth taking just a moment to appreciate it.  And remember how this feels, so that we have something to focus on when our days are darker.  It’s so easy to forget how good life can be when things are rough!  And how difficult times can be, when our current moment feels so good.  Enjoy each moment — the fun & the difficult– for each moment shall quickly pass, and remember that without the light and the dark, there would be no depth to life.