Posted by: draknor | July 12, 2011

Golden Apples

I knew I would have days like this; frankly, I’m sort of surprised it hasn’t happened sooner.  Today I’ve been chasing “golden apples” — distractions from my real goals.  In this case, I was dividing my time between reading online forums about how to make money online (a very few nuggets of useful information among loads of otherwise scammy or scummy material), and how to get a perfect body (again, some useful tidbits among lots of hype and marketing).

It’s pretty incredible, how effective good marketers are — they really suck you in with a good story & testimonials; they know how to dig deep into your insecurities & fears & past failures and sell you their solution.  And all too often, they’ve flooded the search engines with fake reviews so it can be difficult to find any real, objective information about these programs.  Some of them are clearly scams, others are simply decent programs all dressed up to be something completely magical.  Lessons in marketing, if nothing else!

But I’m done with this distractions, at least for today.  I will need to make more money one day, but not today. I will need to learn more about diet & exercise, but I’ve already learned enough to get some basic principles down.  Instead, for the rest of the day I’m going to focus on the more mundane tasks that will have a real pay-off (organizing the apartment, benchmarking my computers for power/performance, folding laundry).