Posted by: draknor | July 7, 2011

The Rush

When I was working, I was almost always “busy”.  I had a full inbox to read, a long list of tasks to do, a calendar full of meetings to attend, and a voice mailbox with messages to listen to.  In short — lots of “stuff”.  In addition to all of that work stuff, I still had all of my personal stuff — which was really very similar.  Personal emails to read & reply to, a list of chores / home projects to do, appointments & events on my calendar, etc.

Now I’ve eliminated the first half — the work stuff (which was really the more voluminous of the two anyway).  So right away I have this relief: all that’s left is my personal stuff, which seems infinitely more manageable!  But guess what? I know myself — I know the volume of my personal stuff will grow to fill the void left by eliminating my work stuff.  My goal is to figure out how to not let that happen.

I’m starting slowly — yesterday I focused on just two core tasks, cleaning the kitchen and paying my bills for the month.  Important tasks, albeit not very exciting ones. Today I’ve been much more ambitious — biking around, exercising, and starting to experiment with consuming some of the information I’ve been hoarding for awhile (books, blogs, articles, podcasts).

And you know what I did?

That’s right – I created lists to organize my stuff.  Lists of things to read, lists of chores to do, lists of things to think about & research.  Exactly like I did when I was at work. Time will tell if this approach is successful, or just a repetition of patterns that got me to the point that caused me to leave my job in the first place.  Right now, it feels like the right thing to do because even though my daily routine of going to my job has ended, my patterns of thinking haven’t changed yet. That will take time.

What *was* different about today, however, is that I have spent the entire day out of my apartment, using only my bike for transportation — to the gym, to the pharmacy, to the coffeeshop and library and grocery.  For many people that may be their normal way of life, but it is new ground for me.  I’m used to only riding a couple of miles at a time, when its convenient.  Today I’ll probably put 30+ miles on.  I’m not swearing off my car, but I am experimenting.  What would life be like with a bicycle as my primary mode of transportation?  When does it work best? What is it not so good for?

Speaking of which, its time to bike to the gym (again), this time for a yoga class!